Lucio Dalla. The first number

Lucio Dalla, one of the most creative, vital and unblapable artists of the recent Italian history, left us. Episch Portions and Prince Greedy repercussions with their unmistakable style every step of the career of the great Bolognese artist. From the beginning as a promising jazz player to consecration with 4-3-'43, from the international success of Caruso to the Tout Court experimentation of the last two decades, and not only in the musical field. Always full of unpredictability, always new, always in the heart of the public. Up to its last hours of life and to the tribute, after death by friends and colleagues, relatives and acquaintances, personality and ordinary people who enhance the artist but, if possible, even more man, making the Portrait of a deeply human and generous person.

  • Author: Epìsch Portions, Greedy Prince
  • Format: Paperback,
  • Pages:
  • Publisher: ChinaSki Editions
  • Year 2012

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