The imperfection of love

A look mistaken in the Hall of the Hotel Diana in Milan and between Stefano and Galja takes the spark that starts an intense relationship of erotic and controversy Furori, destined to develop between two opposite alternatives: to withdraw each one in itself, jealously protecting a ' Identity that prohibits every abandonment, or deliver to the rules of desire and love, responding to the bet of a future together? Camilla Baresani stages with her novel a typical situation: a couple, two conflicting psychologies. And she provides readers to grasp, between the saying and the unspeakable, the wide volutes of feelings. Thus the story of a stormy story between a fiercely capitalist Russian and an Italian who of that capitalism is the decadent outcome, is at the same time a survey of love and a close look at the fly today and that of the communist era .

  • Author: Camilla Baresani
  • Format: Paperback. 12.5 x 19.2 cm
  • Pages: 187
  • Publisher: Bompiani
  • Necklace: pocket. Best seller
  • Year: 2008

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