Virgilio's Masterpiece Tells of the Ups and Downs of Enea, at Hero Who Left From The Wretched City of Troy Towards Italy.

This Version of the Story is Shorter Than The Original But It Maintains The Intensity of the Most Important Events; HIS LOVE STORY WITH DIDONE AND ENEA'S Meeting with His Father of him Anchise During His Descent to Hell.

The Text is accompanied by a series of comprehension exercises, Number of Activities for In-Depth Study and A Dossier About The Author And His Works.

The masterpiece of Virgil narre the adventures of Enea, hero party by the unfortunate city of Troia at a time of Italy.

The work is proposed in a reduced version, which however maintains the intensity of the most significant episodes, including the unforgettable love story with Didone and the Enea meeting with Father Anchise during the descent to the underworld.

The text completes a series of understanding exercises, numerous in-depth activities and dossier on the author and on him work.

  • Author: Virgilio, Evelina Giallegreto
  • Illustrator: Franco Grazioli
  • Format: Paperback, 17 x 24 cm
  • Pages: 96
  • Publisher: Publisher Cideb
  • Necklace: Classics
  • Year: 2008

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