The last eighteen hours of Jesus

Everything took place in a punch of hours, eighteen or twenty at most. From a day dusk, on the early afternoon of the next. Convulsively. Most morning or at the first light of dawn. The process that changed the destiny of man was certainly celebrated quickly, but based on what accusations? According to what rite? Who ordered the arrest and why? And above all, who had the power to validate the provision by issuing the final judgment? To be investigated, they are the last feveries of Jesus of Nazareth, the young prophet executed on a Roman gallows in Jerusalem in a conventionally dated year 33 of our èra. Vicissitze views, perhaps for the first time, also from the perspective of the Roman occupants. And this book where you enter and go out of history, where you collect and investigate the documents, where the sources are commented and you can speak, and where even men and things come to life. Among these pages the noise of the carpenter's plane is heard, the stride of the wheels of the wagons, the bet of the lambs; See the white of the flour and the gray of the smoke of the chimneys and the mysterious presences of magicians, toess, murderers are perceived. Sagism and narrative gesture meet: there is historical precision and there is life, the passion for the world and the talent to tell him. Many are the protagonists of history and appear more tormented, faceted, human, of what we usually consider them: a politically weak, colliced ​​and uncertain pillar. Claudia procula, the mysterious and tormented wife from the stormy past. Caio Quinto Lucilio, intellectual disappointed, acute witness of the events. The Pharisee Nicodemo, a disciple of Jesus and member of the Sanhedrin. He Judas, perhaps unfairly colpeviled. Maddalena, the most famous of disciples. Herod Antipa, a puppet king in the hands of the Romans. Adulteress Unnamed that Jesus saves from stoning. Giuseppe and Maria who assist desperate to the death of his beloved son. The changeable crowd of Jerusalem.

Page after page, Corrado Augias holds the reader with a suspended breath reconstructing a story we believe, not always right, to know. And he fascinating decades of historical and theological discussions in a fascinating way, leaving questions open but providing new and unexpected points that, still and once again, leave again.

  • Author: Corrado Augias
  • Format: Hardcover. 14.5 x 22 cm
  • Pages: 246
  • Publisher: Einaudi
  • Necklace: borders
  • Year: 2015

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