The Italian words. Grammar exercises and games

The Italian words presents a wide range of exercises and games for learning, storing and expansion of Italian lexicon.

A first section deals with studying words from the point of view of lexical areas, focusing also on idiomatic expressions, ways of saying and changing meaning of words in different contexts.

A second section is dedicated to the "grammar of the lexicon". Through clear and essential cards and original and stimulating exercises, the study of topics usually marked in language manuals is addressed, such as word formation, placement, derivation, alteration, irregular names, i Synonyms and the opposites, the prefixes and suffixes, the adverbs, the composed words.

The text is equipped with keys and can be used both in class with the teacher and self-learning.

It is directed to elementary, intermediate and advanced students.

  1. Author: Silvia Bertoni, Susanna Nocchi
  2. Format: Paperback, 21 x 28 cm
  3. Publisher: Alma Edizioni
  4. Necklace: Grammar and joining
  5. Year: 2017

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