The things I don't have

On 4 December 2015 it came out for Sony Music "The things I don't have", the new album by Marco Mengoni, eleven unpublished pieces that complete the "playlist in becoming" born with the multiplatin album "words in circle" released in January 2015 .

Made between Milan and Los Angeles and produced by Michele Canova, "The things I don't have" continues the artistic path inaugurated a year ago with the success of Warrior.

"The things I don't have" (vol. 2di2) contains "words in circle", the song that gave the title to the previous album, and that represents the real manifesto of the whole project and of this artistic moment of the singer-songwriter of Ronciglione.

1.You will remember love 
2.I really wanted you 
3.Closed eyes 
4.Remains indifferent 
5.Circle words 
6.Our summer 
7.Only two satellites 
8.Rock Bottom 
9.The things I don't have 
10.Where we are 
11.Not even a gram

  • Artist: Marco Mengoni
  • Format: Audio CD. 1 disk
  • Label: Sony Music Italia
  • Year: 2015

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