The beautiful chees

May 1936. With the end of the Ethiopia war the fascist empire is born. And Fulvio Semola, Secretary Belleese of the party, has no intention of letting the opportunity to be escaped to celebrate the event. Smart as a shower, he had an idea to envy the sections of the whole lake, shore of here and shore of there, and even beyond: a bell concert that involves all the bell towers of churches and churches of the municipality, from prepositurale to the Cemetery cap up to the last fraction up for the mountain. A master blow to make military victory sacred. But the Bellica euphoria and the imperial pride will soon be very more urgent than the fate of the political mandate of him. In the house of the powerful and fearful production inspector of the local cotonificio, Eudilio Malversati, a tragedy is consuming. After a nighttime aggression against the inspector, some pairs of lady's underpants are disappeared in a completely incomprehensible way. One has already been found in the pocket of the muffle jacket. Question: Who has put it? And why? The real problem, however, is not this, but what happened to the others. Where could they jump out by ridiculing the malls, husband and wife? Not being the case to involve the carabinieri, in order not to put uncontrollable voices around, the semolina is charged with resolving the enigma.

  • Author: Andrea Vitali
  • Format: Hardcover. 15 x 22.3 cm
  • Pages: 224
  • Publisher: Garzanti Books
  • Necklace: Modern narrators
  • Year: 2015

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