The adventurous story of Uzbeko Mute

Youth is known, is the age of ideals, great battles, but also of velleitarism, drinking with friends, sentimental affair. And the young South Americans of the seventies were certainly not except. In this "novel in stories" Luis Sepulveda tells the past and the dreams of the generation of him, and does it through the lens of affection and humor, which stems the tensions and brings us intact the passions and the enthusiasms of his militant youth. Thus we discover that a robbery in the bank could be a proletarian expropriation, or even provide a singer missed an unmistakable opportunity to perform the guitar. Then we see the work a team of the national liberation army committed to stealing weapons, sacking in a series of tragicomic hitches, but also attracting unexpected collaborations. And we meet in these pages, among others, the bizarre character of the title, which is neither ... neither Uzbek nor mute. It is in fact the Peruvian Ramiro, a winner of a scholarship at the University Lomonosov, destined to receive a Soviet education in the home of socialism. Too bad that in Moscow Ramiro you can not find anything of what really cares, that is, girls, music and alcohol. Worse go when he tries to reach Prague, where he says that all these things abound, but he instead lands in Uzbekistan ... between smile and nostalgia, these pages make us relive "the dream of being young without asking permission" .

  • Author: Luis Sepulveda
  • Format: Paperback, 14.3 x 22 cm
  • Pages: 141
  • Publisher: Guanda
  • Necklace: Phoenix narrators
  • Translator: Ilide Carmignani
  • Year: 2015

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