The album that marks the return to the musical scene of Giusy Ferreri, after three years after the publication of the immense sea. The disc was anticipated by the two exciting pieces presented by Giusy Ferreri on the stage of the Sanremo Festival 2014: love possesses the good and take you to dinner with me, with texts signed by Roberto Casalino. Most of the songs that make up the album are written by the same Giusy and were born from three different creative sessions: one of the experience and creative sharing with Linda Perry, in his studio in Los Angeles, one of the creative comparison with the producer Israeli Yoad Nevo, in London, and one in Italy, from the meeting with Roberto Casalino and Ermal Meta.

The wait is produced by Pino Pischetola, Christian Rigano, Pat Simonini with the supervision of Michele Canova, and is a perfect combination of the pop sounds and the unique and warm voice of Giusy Ferreri.

1.Engraved on the skin 
2.Nobody like you knows how to wake me up 
3.Love possesses good 
4.I'll take you to dinner with me 
5.The soul 
6.To give more 
8.Purple snow 
9.The drink has a bitter aftertaste 
11.Any life is extraordinary 
12.I killed the devil

  • Artist: Giusy Ferreri
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Label: Sony Music Italia
  • Year: 2014

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