The female animal

Rosita ran away from her melancholy country, and her mother's asthmatic control, to study in Padua. It's been seven years and it hasn't ended much. The job at the supermarket she needs to keep her job has made her worse with her exams, and the only man she goes to, at the rate of one meeting a month, is married. But you're used to not demanding anything. On Christmas Eve, you happen to know an old lawyer, Ludovico Lepore. Austere, elegant, enigmatic, Lepore does not hide a certain roughness, yet he is interested in her. He hires her as a part-time secretary so he can have more money and time for college. In the office, however, he begins to torment her with misogynistic discourse, exerting a subtle manipulation on her. Rosita suffers from necessity, or at least believes it. You don't know how much that relationship is transforming you. He doesn't know it's right inside a cage that, paradoxically, you learn to be free.

  • Author: Emanuela Canepa
  • Format: Brossura, 13.6 x 21.5 cm
  • Page: 260
  • Editor: Einaudi
  • Collar: Free style big
  • Year: 2018

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