Love is invisible

Love is invisible is the album that sancses the return of Mango, one of the most intense and appreciated voices of the Italian scene.

The disc is a journey to the rediscovery of great Italian and international classics, to which the artist gave new life with his unmistakable vocal capacity and exciting arrangements. To further embellish this special project there are also three unpublished written by the author: love is invisible, girls of songs and beautiful flower.

1.Love is invisible
2.A gloomy day
3.Love you come to love you go
4.Fields of Gold
5.No potho reposare
6.Get back
7.write me
8.Song girls
11.Beautiful flower flower
12.I like it 'or blues

  • Artist: Mango
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Label: Sony Music Italia
  • Year: 2014

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