The love of Francesca

The eli readings - white series
Appealing Stories Relating to Teenage Life Engage And Motivate Young Students to Read for Pleasure in Italian.
This Series Presents 10 Carefully Graded Stories, From Elementary To Intermediate Levels and Offers A Range Of Different Story Types: Puzzle Solving, Teen Fiction and Role-Play. Each Volume Contains Games and Activities.

The eli readings - white series
Carefully graduated, from the elementary level to the intermediate level different types of story: book game, young adventures, role play.
Miniglossary on each page and revision and understanding exercises.

Securities presented
Beginners (500 words)
The love of Francesca (young adventures)
A beautiful story of friendship and feelings.

The necklace of the Loffredi family (young adventures)
A school trip in the castle of the Mysteries.

Elementary level (1000)
Looking for the disappeared friend (book game)
The brilliant Guglielm inventor was kidnapped.
The Twins Nico and Camilla are looking for.

Mystery at the water Olympics (game book)
Sabotage to swimming races:
A new mystery for Nico and Camilla.

A distant world (young adventures)
Marquat is a foreigner, but lives in Italy for many years.
In the new school he doesn't have many friends ...

Lower intermediate level (1500 words)
The Diary of Val (young adventures)
Val is sad because you must move to the countryside.
But you will find new friends and love here.

A dip in mystery (role play)
Readers participate in the discovery of the mystery of
Mythical Atlantis.

Egyptian souvenir (young adventures)
Who stole Cinzia's Egyptian beetle?
An exciting thief hunt.

  • Format: Paperback, 15 x 21 cm
  • Pages: 72
  • Publisher: Eli
  • Necklace: Eli readings - White Series
  • Year: 2004

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