The silent lover

Lush plants of an emerald green decorate the patio where dinner takes place. Isabel is there at the invitation of a Spanish embassy in Africa. Everyone believe that she is a young photographer with the desire to immortalize colors and views of that land burned by the sun. But this is not the truth. Isabel is looking for someone. She is looking, on behalf of her parents, Ezequiel, who left everything behind to find himself. He was a man to make him believe he didn't need anything else, Maina, who with the charismatic power of persuasion of her has linked several people who like Ezequiel felt lost. He lost as silent lovers looking for love. Isabel must save him. You have to do it because she has not succeeded with her brother of her who relied on someone with the same manipulatory abilities. For this you have accepted this strange mission, apparently simple: find ezequiel and understand if he is fine. But when Isabel finally meets the boy and she knows Maine you understand that behind the goal of giving new prospects for life to those who believed they didn't have something much bigger. Crossing the small villages and uncontaminated nature, Isabel realizes strange movements, in which Ezequiel also seems to have too. There is something wrong. She and yet she knows she can't do too many questions. Because he risks being conditioned and losing her control. Because the photographer coverage can fall at any moment. Because alone it is not easy to get shield from a network of intrigues and cars.

  • Author: Clara Sanchez
  • Format: Hardcover, 14.5 x 22 cm
  • Pages: 360
  • Publisher: Garzanti Books
  • Necklace: Modern narrators
  • Year: 2018

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