"From a distance, on the shore of the sea, it looked like a pile of algae or a small stront. Then the old man, approaching, saw that she was a woman." So begins, from afar - as in a field along a first floor - the new, vibrant novel by Giuseppe Conte, revisitation of an evangelical figure, the adulteress, who is at the same time emblem of every woman: today more than ever , due to the strength of its own weakness. She saved, thanks to the meeting with Master, men and stoning, but not from herself, she will always live in her passions. She will fall and get up, on a perennial escape from everyone, just option from the silent seduction of the sea. A powerful portrait, mirror of those who choose to submit to passion, even at risk of losing everything you own. Thus difficult, reading, don't think, even for a moment, "the adult is me". But who or, better, what to actually betrays the adult? Others or only one's own possibility of redemption? Every character who crosses the fate of her represents a stage of a lived path, between feeling and sensuality, which from Palestine will take it to Cyprus and then to Rome: from the beloved brother Joram to the rich merchant Yakub, to whom the father will give her in marriage ; And again the Roman Centurion Lucio, only and sensual man, the melancholy and enigmatic Lavinia, the Greek wise Fedro and the contemptuous Patrizio Gaio. During the fire warped by Nero, fleeing from Rome on fire, you will look for peace and salvation going once again towards the sea. And right here, on the beach, while tracing with his fingers those same signs he had seen drawing to the Master on the esplanade of the Temple of Solomon, he will meet the mysterious old man, to tell for the first time without censorship his most intimate, secret, history of woman.

  • Author: Giuseppe Conte
  • Format: Hardcover, 14.5 x 21 cm
  • Pages: 284
  • Publisher: Longanesi
  • Necklace: Library of narrators
  • Year: 2008

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