The habit of returning

"Five years have passed since the publication of my last record. Five years: a luster, the lapse of time that - in ancient Rome - interaced between an census and another. It was a time to count, to count the riches, for Count the paths traveled and those still to go. A luster has passed from the publication of my last record and ... it's nice to count because we are more in the family. This is my greatest richness and happiness ".

With these words Carmen Consoli turned directly to her public and, through the pages of social networks, he announced his awaited her return to the record and live scene.

"During these years, I beat new artistic roads, together with Carlo I undertook a wonderful new journey, and this trip is bringing me infinite joy and energy: a little magic. I wrote it. It's all here, on the strings of mine Guitar, on the lines of my notebook. It will also be in my stereo's cases. "

The history of these days talks about fans in ferment for the return of the singer and a single, which brings the same title as the album, already rapidly ascended in the ranking of the most played songs from the radio. The new Carmen Consoli seems to return to the origins for sound and structure of the songs but with freshness and irony she is surprising and center the goal, with a very nice album to feel.

1.The habit of returning
3.Silent army
4.Imperfect harmony
5.The fifth floor lady
6.Desert oceans
7.And maybe one day
8.Valentine's day
9.Longer night
10.This little magic

  • Artist: Carmen Consoli
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Label: Universal Music Italia
  • Year: 2015

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