The infinite story

Bastian a young clumsy, and not what is commonly said as a "awake boy," but reading (and the improper term, perch he passer alternately from the role of reader to that of character and protagonist) of this book will make him change and make history change itself. Making it clear that the "do you want" that he is writing about the amulet received in gift does not mean "do what you want", but he urges to follow the deep volition to find themselves. Let the ardua road of the mon do. The book and Bastian will perish it together, and the boy will cross all his desires and passer from awkwardness to beauty, strength, wisdom, power, until you have to stop.

  • Author : Michael Ende
  • Format : Brossura, 15.5 x 23 cm
  • Pages : 436
  • Publisher : Tea
  • Necklace : The Great of the TEA
  • Translator : A. Pandolfi
  • Year : 2016

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