The star you want

In the Valle d'Itria, land of trulli and ancient sapiences, in a toughest winter than usual, two children meet in class. Lallo is eight years old and has lost my view for a few months: indeed, he only sees shadows. Father of him is a visionary of Grottaglie ceramics, left alone to growl. Light is the same age and a mother recently returned to Martina Franca to work in a trouser factory and escape from a bad story. Light has very special relatives ... The children are preparing a Christmas recite in which they personify two goblins. But their meeting is not a case and it is only the point of beginning of the new Christmas fairy tale of Angelo Mellone who, a year later, sancses the return of characters that we had already discovered in love of love: I am in fact Nicola, a druid from the White beard, and the threesome of Munachicchi Gaspare, Melchiorre and Baldassarre to wander around stone wonders, steel chimneys, ravine, tratturi, woods and alleys of very white countries, to understand what happened to Lallo and return to make him smile in the season he can Bring frost into the heart. Discovering that to help him go back, to an ancient curse thrown exactly a thousand years before, in the Gravina of Massafra. "The star you want" is a fairy tale where you will meet sacred deer and warrior women, steel panoramas and runical powers, witches and mascariums, a Christmas fantasy that agrees all, young and old, because everyone will find in these pages the sense of a different Christmas, a southern and pagan sacredness. A story that knows tradition, magic, present and technology in a south where the amazement is enclosed in the face of two children.

  • Author: Angelo Mellone
  • Format: Hardcover, 14.5 x 22 cm
  • Pages: 222
  • Publisher: Pellegrini
  • Necklace: Deluxe
  • Year: 2017

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