The writer lives here read by Sandra Petrignani. Audiobook. Audio CD MP3 format

In a pilgrimage from Paris to Provence, from Kenya to Maine, from Copenhagen to Tibet, Sandra Petrignani knocked the door of the Museum of the largest nine hundred writer and, pursuing their ghosts and through their objects, has reconstructed secrets and overwhelming passions. Grazia Deledda, Marguerite Yourcenar, Colette, Alexandra David- Néel, Karen Blixen and Virginia Woolf thus revived in everyday life and in their exceptional humanity.

"A fascinating course of excessive vines, furious, solitary". The sun 24 hours

"The greatest writers of the twentieth century returning to us in the most intimate way, with their manages, their disorder". Friday of the Republic

  • Author: Sandra Petrignani
  • Bed from: Sandra Petrignani
  • Size: Audio CD MP3 format, 1 disk
  • Publisher: Emons Italy
  • Necklace: Bestsellers
  • Year: 2011

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