The disappearance of patò

"Say Andrea Camilleri, a self-specio 'author' experienced in the second half of the nineteenth century, ordered a string of documents (even reserved) recovered from the archives. Of him we can only deduce that he has relatives in Vigàta, probably three daughters : the 'three kind sisters', Andreina, Elisabetta and Maria Carmela. And adding that his erudition makes him as a philologist, until he gets apologetic to the readers to have included in the first of the four dossier classifiers the article of An approximate and plagiario professor. The chronological arrangement of the corridge, which includes pages of newspapers, anonymous letters, public notices, wall written, carabinieri information and police station agents, plans, verbal interrogations, extracts of municipal councils and exchanges , it allows the composition framework to give themselves as a direct waiver; and invent as a yellow novel, thanks to the cards of the cards and the Government or investigative. 'But Sinni has patò'; 'Walls or leaning': he died, or was he hidden? This is the busillis, on which everyone interrogates in the novel; while from the pages of the anti-government newspaper of Palermo the 'investigating authorities' are invited to not limit the investigations to the' events of a obscuriously disappeared accountant ', but to extend them' to the position that that rivestive accountant and to the banking work carried out in obedience To the orders of the consanguineous politician who had wanted to that place. The 'Faccenda' can be 'shitty'. The Accepto Patò accountant disappeared in Vigàta in March 1890, while he recited the part of Judah on the stage of a sacred representation of Good Friday. He was swallowed up from a scenic machine trap, without leaving her trouble. He was kidnapped? Have you killed it? He wandered for campaigns, smemored? The hypotheses are many. The uncle of the accountant is a policy of the species of the Count Uncle of Manzoniana Memory (that of 'elix, truncare'); And he declares himself by Sasso: 'Attonito' to the announcement of the 'Feral Novella', as in the 'five May' the 'earth' for the death of Napoleon. A preacher, used to trincare, uncomfortable anathema launched by the French moralists of the seventeenth century against the theater and against the actors. An English astronomer is convinced that Patò fell into a space-time interstice. An archaeologist, too English, and no less extravagant, interprets the geometries of the spacetime of physical and cosmologist Roger Penirose (not yet born); And he thinks he went out of a cosmic ladder. The truth will be at no crazy. "(Salvatore Silvano Nigro)

  • Author: Andrea Camilleri
  • Format: Paperback, 12 x 16.8 cm
  • Pages: 258
  • Publisher: Sellerio Publisher Palermo
  • Necklace: memory
  • Year: 2018

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