The disappearance of Lauren Armstrong

Eva Loi is the young doubt of Lauren Armstrong, one of the brightest stars of world cinema, to which she feels to be linked by an impalpable constraint. She loves her work of her, even if she is shrinked by melancholy and spectra of a past never completely removed. She likes to be reborn in the recording room. One day, however, Lauren Armstrong goes away from scenes and the world, in a voluntary but mysterious exile. Can you completely disappear without leaving consequences? Eva's life inevitably is overwhelmed. It's like even if you also start to disappear together with the actress. She wouldn't tell you words, or confess to someone, but she descends a step towards something dark and indefinable every day. In that darkness she crosses her mother of her. A woman out of the ordinary, very different from Eva, restless, enigmatic. Twenty years before Lauren Armstrong, she also tried to disappear into nothingness. In 1989 she went to Berlin, right in the days when the wall fell. In those crazy moments full of freedom and hope, she has hidden the profound dissatisfaction with her for some time. And she left behind a trail of relationships that twenty years later Eva will try to rebuild. Meanwhile of Lauren no trace. A dense novel, supported by a writing that never loss control and leads the reader towards one of her more contradictors: is it possible to escape from one's life?

  • Author: Gaia Manzini
  • Format: Paperback, 14.2 x 21 cm
  • Pages: 314
  • Publisher: Fandango Books
  • Necklace: Galleria Fandango
  • Year 2012

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