The first truth

In 1992 Angela, young Italian researcher, he lands on the island of Leros. And ready to take care, like his colleagues of all part of Europe, and as the medical and nurses of the island, of the continuing horror, for a few years revealed to the world by the British press, of the "culprit secret of Europe" : an island-manicomium where at the time a dictatorial regime had deported political opponents of all Greece, making them live with the patients of mind. Those of them who are not in the meantime dead are still all there, transformed into human relics. Swearing, incomprehensible are the signs that welcome the girl. Who is Basil, the monk, and why is he convinced of having buried much high "what remains of God?" And among the workmates, who is really mysterious, tenacious Lina, who seems to have an innate relationship with the island? Every mystery will answer in the treasure of the stories of forgotten and defeats, excluding from history, in the "Archive of the Anime" that the book will revive for the reader: stories of tragic ruthless beauty, like that of the poet Stefanos, of the Teresa girl And the child with the stone in his mouth. With "the first truth" which, from the title, from a verse of Ghennis Ritsos, alludes to a truth of absolute value beyond and through the events of the book, which take place in different places and times, and of the lives of the characters you They present to the reader, Simona Vinci returns to the novel after many years, and returns to you with a happiness and freedom never reached before.

  • Author: Simona Vinci
  • Format: Paperback, 13.5 x 21.5 cm
  • Pages: 397
  • Publisher: Einaudi
  • Necklace: Einaudi. Freestyle Big
  • Year: 2016

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