The fear of children

Ten little boys in scooters dart counter to the conquest of Naples. Fifteen-year-olds from harmless nicknames - Maraja, fish Moscow, Dentino, Lollipop, Drone -, signed shoes, normal families and the name of the girls tattooed on the skin. Teenagers who have no tomorrow and they don't even believe us. Do not fear prison or death, because they know that the only possibility is to play everything immediately. They know that "the money has those who take them". And then, away, on the scooters, to go and take them, the money, but above all the power.

The ladder of children tells the controversial ascent of a ladder - a group of fire tied to the Camorra - and his boss, the young Nicolas Fiorillo. Perching on the roofs of the city, learn to shoot with semi-automatic guns and AK-47 aiming at parabolas and antennas, then descend through the streets to sow terror riding their scooters. Little by little they get control of neighborhoods, subtracting them to opposed paranze, clutching alliances with old bosses in decline.

PARANCE is a name that comes from the sea, a name of boats that go hunting for fish to be fooled with light. And as in trawl fishing, the ladle goes to fish people to kill. Here you tell about guangizing life kids like fish, adolescents "deceived by light", and of deaths that produce dead.

Roberto Saviano enters the reality that he has always investigated and immerses us in the authenticity of stories imagined with an extraordinary novel of innocence and overwhelming. Raw, violent, without escape.

  • Author: Roberto Saviano
  • Format: Paperback, 13 x 20 cm
  • Pages: 352
  • Publisher: Feltrinelli
  • Necklace: universal economic
  • Year: 2018

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