The grandmother on the apple tree

Andi, a boy often alone, it's sad because, unlike her schoolmates, he doesn't have a grandmother with whom to spend a few hours of his day. But an afternoon, while he is fantasizing in the refuge on the apple tree of the garden, here appears his special grandmother. From that moment there begins a series of increasingly exciting adventures: from the lap to the park to the race on the blue sky car, from the ride to the steppe to navigation towards India in the stormy sea. The arrival of a new neighbor, needy of help, interrupts the meetings of Andi with the imaginary grandmother. But only momentarily ...

  • Author: Mira Lobe
  • Format: Paperback, 12 x 19 cm
  • Pages: 136
  • Publisher: Piemme
  • Necklace: steamboat. Blue series
  • Year: 1994

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