The map of destiny

For seven hundred years he remained hidden in a wall of the abbey. Then a spark sparked a fire and the wall collapsed. Amazed, the abbot Mendaud browse that volume embellished by drawings of animals and plants. It is written in code, but the first words are in Latin: "I, Barthomieu, Munich of Ruac Abbey, I have two hundred twenty years. And this is my story." For thousands of years he remained immersed in the darkness. Then an intuition has bridged the darkness. Incredulous, the Archaeologist Lue Simard walks in that great cave complex, entirely decorated with beautiful rock paintings. And he comes to the last cave, the most surprising, where some plants are depicted: the same reproduced in the enigmatic medieval manuscript ... For an indefinable time he was wrapped in mystery. He was kept by Santi and Assassins, was a source of life and a reason to death. Then an unexpected risked to reveal it to the eyes of the world. Ruthless, the inhabitants of Ruac have no doubt: the strangers must be stopped. Because the most important thing is to defend their secret. At any cost.

  • Author: Glenn Cooper
  • Original title: The Tenth Chamber
  • Format: Hardcover, 15 x 22 cm
  • Pages: 410
  • Publisher: North
  • Necklace: Northern Narratives
  • Year: 2011

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