Kryptonite in the bag

Peppino is seven years old, and lives in what today a dysfunctional family would be defined. But since we are in Naples, in 1973, Him in the eyes of the world is just a somewhat escaped family. When the Mother Rosaria goes into depression after finding that her husband betrays her using the Fiat 850 Azzurro Avion as Alcova, Peppino is adopted by her twenty-year-old uncles who lead him around for the Swingin 'Naples, between basement parties, feminist collectives, Greek community dancing in the square, many nudity, smuggling cigarettes, some acid and a lot of alcohol. The grandmother Carmela, a specialized seamstress, sews paw pants of elephant and shortens minigonners, the Grandpa Pasquale raised at home a nidy of chicks that submits to torture of love, while Gennaro, who believes he is superman and goes around with one Pink hairdresser cape on the shoulders, is obsessed with Kryptonite and tries to stop buses running around Piazza Municipio. And in this strange family that Peppino exceeds his shadow line in psychedelic version and learns to fly. After the cruel realism of "the King of the World" and the romantic apotheosis of "chronicle of an examination", Ivan Cotroneo brings his readers into a colorful and unpredictable world. A funny and moving novel that tells the dramas, adventures, and above all the ridiculous of a special family.

  • Author: Ivan Cotroneo
  • Format: Paperback, 13 x 20 cm
  • Pages: 211
  • Publisher: Bompiani
  • Necklace: large pocket
  • Year: 2007/2011

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