The hamster carousel

A country that has lost ethics, and reasons with bar code. Hamster carousel is social satire, suspense, feeling and cynicism, the deaths of hunger and the dead killed. The daily manzini in a drugging and hallucated comic yellow.

"We are cannon meat, René said. It was true. Cannon meat. People who die without a way, without a utility. He lived without knowing, and without knowing it goes."

Four malavitosis of the most squalid Roman periphery make a robbery that ends in the complex designs of crime that counts. At the same time, an organization of the highest status officials wires a crowd "year zero" plan to eliminate the pensions problem. They are the two gears, irrational as brutal in their efficiency, which move the carousel of the poor idiots of various levels - from the small criminal to the camorrista boss, from the general duty to high bureaucrat, from the employee of the INPS who feels a justification At the fantastic girl in love -, all fighting their senseless destiny.

Tragic and comedian, noir that melts in clear and moving poetry, thriller who offers the split of a company without a heart, this is the second of the many novels published by Antonio Manzini. With the hamster carousel we are at the origin of its exciting way of braiding stories; of his prose free of ornaments but surprisingly musical; Especially of that pessimism without illusions and deep love that characterizes the Rocco Schiavone of the subsequent novels.

Antonio Manzini, writer and screenwriter, published the rotten blood novels and the Character's Giostra, the latter published by Sellerio in 2017. The series with Rocco Schiavone began with the novel black track (Sellerio, 2013) to which the rib followed by Adam (2014), it is not season (2015), was May (2015) and five Roman investigations for Rocco Schiavone (2016).

  • Author: Antonio Manzini
  • Format: Paperback, 12 x 16.8 cm
  • Pages: 325
  • Publisher: Sellerio Publisher Palermo
  • Necklace: memory
  • Year: 2017

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