The force of saying yes

Ron returns to the Sanremo festival with the eighth marvel, a very nice song that will not go unnoticed. The artist, which he made his debut on the Ariston stage in 1970 together with Nada with Pa 'tell him but', won in '96 with I would like to meet you in a hundred years, this year returns to the race for his seventh time.

On the occasion of the festival the strength to say yes (2cd) is republished.

The album, released last year, contains the most famous songs of the Ron repertoire, reinterpreted together with another 26 Italian artists. The disc was born with a beneficial intent to support a fundraising project in favor of Aisla, the association that deals with research against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

In the new version, in addition to the track in the race, a second unpublished second is added: to the borders of the world.

Disc 1
1 the eighth marvel
2 on the borders of the world
3 At the center of the Feat music. Marco Mengoni
4 I will try Feat. Lorenzo Strawberry
5 A moment for you Feat too. Francesco Renga
6 kite feat. The choice
7 soul feat. Malika Ayane
8 the sun and the moon feat. Kekko Silvestre
9 The giant and the girl Feat. Jovanotti
10 Love heals the fear pain. Giusy ferreri
11 Do not need words feat. Pino Daniele
12 feat-remote prisoner. Emma Marrone
13 Welcome to the wolf feat. Elio and tense stories
14 Malala feat. Loredana Bertè
15 Feat Clouds. Biagio Antonacci

Disc 2
1 a city to sing feat. Artists together for the fight against the SLA
2 star my feat. Max Pezzali
3 Listen to me - the Italian boys feat. Francesco De Gregori
4 Feat glass heart. Luca Barbarossa
5 Piazza Grande feat. Arisa
6 Dear Fragile Feat Friend. Nek
7 Eagle feat. Giuliano Sangiorgi
8 The sea in the sunset feat. Gigi D'Alessio
9 Joe Feared feat. Mario Blonde
10 Freedom Feat. Syria
11 For this night that falls down "Feat. Bianca Atzei
12 The world will have a great soul feat. Niccolò Fabi
13 who knows if you know Feat. Lucio Dalla

  • Artist: Ron
  • Format: Audio CD, 2 discs
  • Label: Universal Music Italia
  • Year: 2017

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