La Fiera della Scuola

Add "La Fiera della Scuola" to your cart and 10% of you sale will be donated to the La Scuola libraries for the purchase of books.  (And, for technical reasons, your $3.99 shipping fee will also be donated!)

Your order will be ready for pick up at the fair.  (Or the school will hand out orders not picked up later in the week.)

La Scuola's mission is to "Inspire Brave Learners to Shape the Future" through our unique combination of the Reggio Emilia pedagogy (our heart), the rigorous IB-PYP framework (our head), and Italian language immersion (our soul). Our approach promotes a lifelong passion for learning and gives our students both the academic and socio-emotional skills they will need to thrive, fulfill their unique potential, and be happy. La Scuola is San Francisco's only authorized IB-PYP World School, with preschool students at the Dogpatch campus and K8 at Alamo Square.

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