The company of fake souls

From Capodimonte hill, the "Posillipo Povera", Rosa looks for Naples and speaks to Vincenzina's body, the dead mother. She talks to you to repair the fault that she joined her beyond her blood bond and irretrievably marked the life of both. By immersing himself "in the bowels of a public and private purgatory", rose revives the story of her mother of her: her poor childhood in an arida countryside at the gates of the city; The meeting of her, among the post-war rubbish, with Rafele, the future father of her, heir of a house in the countryside of a large apartment in Via Duomo; The loan to wear practiced in the integrated tedicant of the alleys, where the noise of the markets and violence seems to belong to a cosmic fury. And a narration of suprans suffered and inflictedness, fragility and ferocity. And it is the choral messioscena of many other stories, of "fake souls" that populate the alleys and, as actors of the same drama, they enter the rebale of memory: Annarella, Amica and Demon of childhood and adolescence, Emilia, La Little girl who "laughs out" and returns a day from the woods with bloody legs, the Nunziata, utopian and incandescent master, marioma-ria, "the creature that has an inverted prayer within him", Iolanda, the "beautiful and sister Stuptiated »..." fake souls "which, in the hypogee depths of a millennial city, await, like Vincenzina and as the same rose, a repair. She will come, surprising and unexpected, in the final pages of the book to join Mother and daughter in the same destiny.

  • Author: Wanda Marasco
  • Format: Paperback, 13 x 21.5 cm
  • Pages: 238
  • Publisher: Black Pozza
  • Necklace: Bloom
  • Year: 2017

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