Kill Karma - The mind is a weapon (Sanremo 2017)

Nesli returns to Sanremo with "do right to you", a splendid song destined to leave the mark in the history of the Sanremo festival, sung in duet with Alice Paba.

"Kill Karma The Mind is a weapon" is the new edition of the Nesli album, which comes out on the occasion of his participation in the festival.

Disc 1
1 black soul
2 equivalent to the immense
3 my love
4 do right to you (feat. Alice Paba)
5 I look for you
6 little mine
7 if you look at the sky
8 Love always returns
9 perfectly wrong
10 the horizon
11 Then hello
12 Living is laughing
13 Where I'm going
14 Treasure does not count
15 do right to you - original version

  • Artist: Nesli
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Label: Universal Music Italia
  • Year: 2017

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