... I am-50 artists x giorgio gaber

The title of the album is the final verse of the piece I as a person, the best synthesis to give the sense of this project. Not only Gaber continues to be among us, but ... I was also the ideal answer that each artist gave the Foundation, every time he was asked to pay tribute to Mr. G. The album opens with Hi I will tell you, the first song engraved by Gaber in 1958 and, fatally, the last live sung with Celentano in 2001. The journey into his musical world left from where Giorgio left us, with the only interpretation together with Friend Celentano, who starts the extraordinary sequence: from the beginning, characterized by a more popular dimension, at the most significant moments of the song theater, up to the last phase that has consecrated him as the protagonist of Italian culture. Triple CD collects the best interpretations that the greatest names of Italian music have dedicated Giorgio Gaber during these ten years. The fifty artists interpret each one different piece, retracing the Gaberian career that recounts, having fun and exciting, the history of our country in temporal succession. From 1958 to 2003, fifty pieces that make the history of a unique career, restored, arranged, produced and resounded by the greatest artists of the musical scene.

Disc 1
1. Hi I'll tell you - Giorgio Gaber, Adriano Celentano
2. Don't blush - Renzo Arbore
3. The streets at night - Claudio Baglioni
4. La Ballata del Cerutti - Roberto Vecchioni
5. A slice of lemon - Enzo Jannacci
6. Porta Romana - Massimo Ranieri
7. Full sleep - tooth
Disc 2
1. It can - Jovanotti
2. The elections - Ornella Vanoni
3. The behavior - Max Pezzali
Disco 3
1. right-left - Marco Mengoni
2. When I am able to love - Negramaro
3. If I knew - Syria

  • Aritsta: Various (50 artists for Giorgio Gaber)
  • Format: Audio CD, 3 discs
  • Label: Artist First
  • Year 2012

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