Ino paradise

Playback Region 2: This will not play on most dvd players sold in the u.s.

Into Paradiso is showing at the Italian Film Festival USA 2012. Alfonso Egrave; A neapolitan scientist, shy and awkward, who has just lost work. Gaan Egrave; A fascinating former srilankese cricket champion that has no pugrave; a penny, egrave; Just arrived in Naples and Egrave; Convinced of finding paradise. Alfonso has spent a whole life to study cell migration and watching telenovelas with his mother. Gaan has traveled, has known fame, glory and money. What do these two men have to do with each other? How they areGrave; Is it possible that two different people come into contact and the respective lives are indissoluble to each other? In a multi-ethnic Naples, the destinies of Alfonso and Gaan are intertwined, who find themselves sharing only a catapecchia erected abusively on a roof of a palace in the heart of the Srilankese district of the citizens; http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/film/trailer/into-paradiso/394184

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