Incredible (Sanremo 2015 Edition)

The race in the race at the festival is contained in "Incredible - Sanremo Edition" which, in addition to the original track list, can count on 6 more songs.

1. Incredible
2.Brova microphone
4. Today I speak to you
5. Sessre Sarai (Feat. Fiorella Mannoia)
6.COL Smile (Feat. J-Ax)
7.Superrei in San Fransokyo
8. Red semaphore
9.Gray all over the world (Feat. Alex Britti)
10. My label is narrow
11.Ferze to love (Feat. Annalisa)
12. For my freestyle I DJ I
14.No can judge me
15. Comprependants (Feat. Guè Pequeno)
16.King Kong Freestyle II
17.Next Level
18.The General Switch (Author Song) (Feat. Antonio May)
19.A caress in a fist
20.Sempre Sarai (Shablo Remix)

  • Artist: Moreno
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Label: Universal Music Italia
  • Year: 2015

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