The sense of pain. The winter of Commissioner Ricciardi

The novel of possession.

The infinite talent, the love of the public, the devotion of women, the friendship of the powerful: and Arnaldo Vezzi, the largest tenor of time, believes he is a god. So he takes what he wants, if he serves and throws him away; He tramples hearts and souls; He mocks, destroys. Everything must be of him, nothing can be refused. But a God may not be immortal.

In the new edition the entire cycle of the "seasons": the first four stories of the RICCIARD commissioner.

In each volume, in postfazione, the author dialogues with the main characters of him: the same Ricciardi, who has the gift, or the condemnation, to feel the pain, see the deaths of violent death and listen to their last words; The Bigadiera Maione, companion of adventures of him; Sabbath, the feminist who knows all the voices of the city; And the rational, very human doctor.

  • Author: Maurizio De Giovanni
  • Format: Paperback, 12.5 x 19.8 cm
  • Pages: 216
  • Publisher: Einaudi
  • Necklace: Free Style Big
  • Year 2012

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