The Mose lunch

Simonetta Agbasi Hornby opens the doors of the house of Moses, the estate where for five generations the maternal family spends the summer holidays. Together with Chiara, beloved sister, she accompanies us to the discovery of this enchanted place. In the countryside of Agrigento, just a few kilometres from the Valley of the Temples, it rises on a hill the eight-centric masseria that each summer welcomes in procession incessant relatives, friends and acquaintances of the family. Anyone who goes back the strait leading to the master's house is being housed, fed, and cared for. As Mother Elena and Aunt Teresa used to take a time, Simonetta and Chiara put each new come at ease ; they learned, helping their mother and aunt, the art of reception and the convivial. In Moses, we still cook today the products of the vegetable garden and what is offered by the farm, using the oil of the ancient uliveto that covers the hips of the hillside. The dining room table continues to stretch and narrow to accommodate the guests. At the table we discuss food and spend hours serene, pleasing to the company and the pleasure of a lively conversation. Moses remained the warm and magical place where safe Mom Elena and Aunt Teresa were moving. Simonetta demonstrates this by telling six occasions of convivial in the Moses of today, showing us the products of season and guiding us in the choice of menus. You wake up the recipes handed down by generations, and the secret ones of the nuns, and turn the remains into exquisite pieties.

  • Artist : Simonetta Agbasi Hornby
  • Format : Brossura, 14 x 21.5 cm
  • Pages : 212
  • Publisher : Joined Publisher
  • Necklace : Italiana
  • Year : 2014

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