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Once upon a time, between the beach with umbrellas and the countryside where you can learn to drive the tractor, a workshop full of tools and a fist of children who liked to go strong with minimal. And among them there was one who wanted to know why all things, that he loved the way to run by Eddie Lawson and Valentino Rossi and dreamed of becoming a day like them. And then there was a little boy who passed the afternoons to understand how a motor works, that on Sunday he sang by car with father and mom going to the races with the bike in the trunk, which moved abroad took the piadina for grills All together at the end of the race and trying to get drunk foreign girls on Viale Ceccarini but it wasn't always good. And a young man who was a bit tight on the bike but he loved to win. Not only on the track but also at five-a-side football, at Beach-volley, on skis, at Biliardino, wherever there was Boardre. And that he had chosen a girl and four friends, always the same, and he sang "We are just us" because he liked Vasco Rossi, but also "or surgent 'nnammurato and" Like a Rolling Stone ". A warrior who with the right team knew Do miracles and if there was to take cakes in the face never pulled back. Over two hundred color photos, track documents, memorabilia and unpublished writings. The first laps in little, the evenings with friends, the rallies: fourteen QR queues with rare and funny videos. And a chorus of thirty voices to tell Marco.

  • Author: Rossella Simoncelli, Paolo Simoncelli
  • Format: Hardcover, 18 x 24.5 cm
  • Pages: 351
  • Publisher: Rizzoli
  • Necklace: Everything more
  • Year 2012

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