Evil came from the sea

Nice, Baia degli Angeli, third decade of the 21st century. Nyamé Kumasi, a young Italian and half an Ashanti medium reporter, and Marion, a homeless senior of him friend, discover the corpse of a young woman on the shore. The Cavallero Commissioner, in charge of the investigation, first follows the track of the crime on a sexual background, but in the waters of the bay, after the arrival of the meganave mermaid, they appear to move at mysterious lightning luminous speeds, which reveals jellyfish of an unknown species. And when another girl is discovered on the beach, with traces of poison of jellyfish in her blood, the commissioner declares the case solved. For Nyamé and Asal Fortini, a rebellious biology student to all and everyone, that solution of the case is only apparent. There must be another, something that exceeds evidence. Thus two begin one of their investigation that will put them in contact with disturbing people lost in the maze of evil, up to a terrible revelation ... with this adventure, soaked in the sea and malfamous ports, Giuseppe Conte is measured with the fanta-thriller, By facing current topics such as environmental and social degradation, or eternal as the confrontation-clash between humans and non-human, love and deafness, power and anarchy, reality and myth.

  • Author: Giuseppe Conte
  • Format: Hardcover: 14.5 x 21 cm
  • Pages: 443
  • Publisher: Longanesi
  • Necklace: La Gaja Science
  • Year: 2013

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