The mysterious warrior. In the shadow of the pyramids. Vol. 4

A new narrative necklace aimed at children from 6 years, designed to be easily appreciated by the public of "grass readers".

Three children, a cat and a crocodile combine of all colors in the wonderful egypt of Pharaoh, between chasings, traps, spit and ingenious countermoxies.

It lacks little to the challenge with sticks and piramses is the favorite.

Crypicchia! At the time of the race, Piramses is not found and to nothing is worth the research of Nefertina: the friend of him seems vanished in nothing. Tanfenaton, who grew up by the opponent with deception, already pregower victory. But among the overall amazement a mysterious warrior gets forward and in a few moves it puts it to the carpet.

Who will hide behind the mask?

  • Author: Janna Carioli, Luisa Mattia
  • Format: Paperback, 13.8 x 18 cm
  • Pages: 45
  • Publisher: Lapis
  • Translator: Barbara Bongini
  • Year 2012

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