Dr. Protter and the time tub

Other than machines, Dr. Protter's time tub and its special bath foam are the most brilliant of inventions! Immerse yourself with Tina and Bulle in an adventure that can even change the course of history and ... keep yourself strong! Dr. Protter, the inventor of a thousand genilated including the fantastic powder for petonauts, flew in Paris to rejoin with the love of life of him, the beautiful and unfortunate Baronessina Juliette Margarin. But something must be crooked, because a bully and tina day receive a postcard, which sounds more like a s.o.s: Dr. Protter was trapped over time! Now it's up to the red-haired little boy save the professor, and quickly. While Bulle leaves for Paris with the inseparable friend Tina, he does not know he was followed by the abominable Raspa, a former server of Prostor, and from the terrible breath of him that he knows about wet socks. And despite their fervent imagination the two little boys cannot imagine what awaits them: an incredible adventure over time aboard a bathtub, which will take them from the stage of the Moulin Rouge to the Battle of Waterloo, from the prison of Giovanna D ' Arch at the Tour de France, to save the crazy scientist and, perhaps, change history. Reading age: for 7 years.

  • Author: Jo Nesbo
  • Format: Paperback, 13 x 19.5 cm
  • Pages: 314
  • Publisher: Salani
  • Translator: Alessandro Corti
  • Year 2012

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