Commissioner Manara - Season 02

Playback Region 2: This will not play on most dvd players sold in the u.s.

Commissioner Luca Manara Egrave; Intuitive and decidedly beautiful young, a guy a little 70: base, leather jacket, vintage motorcycle and disarming smile with the "condemnation" of pleasure to women, to all women, without distinction of etagrave;, class, culture. Jointed in a new commissioner, Manara finds himself collaborating with his old acquaintance, the inspector Lara Rubino, who welcomed him with a sonoro coffone ... between the two he went; An evident attraction, but also a mysterious episode that complicates their relationships. Crossing, flanking, fighting at times, the two will have to solve so many cases, crimes and misdeeds to be revealed. Luca and Lara get married! Invited, wedding favors and white dress: all egrave; ready. But ... a murder suffocates the fateful "Sigrave;", a man enters church and overhanging to the ground. Egrave; A sign of destiny? As if it were not enough, at the commissioner we greed; A noveltuger: the arrival of the sensual Marta Rivera, asterious woman and refined intelligence. So much crystalline and sincere egrave; Lara Ruby, what mysterious and elusive the last arrival, destined to bring caught into the life of the beautiful manara. What a doubt; Make the accounts also with Fabrizio Raimondi, the new charming and confident questor of Seasecute; and with new cases of murder, solved with the usual implantation for the rules. Two years after the success of the first season, the fascinating commissioner interpreted by Guido Caprino returns, 12 episodes of irony, signed by Luca Ribuoli.

  • Director: Luca Ribuoli
  • Format: DVD, PAL, panoramic screen
  • Manufacturer: Rai Trade
  • Italian language
  • Subtitles: None
  • Region: Region 2
  • Number of disks: 3
  • Duration: 300 minutes
  • Year: 2011

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