Commissioner Manara - Season 01

Playback Region 2: This will not play on most dvd players sold in the u.s.

Commissioner Luca Manara Egrave; Intuitive and decidedly beautiful young, a guy a little 70: base, leather jacket, vintage motorcycle and disarming smile with the "condemnation" of pleasure to women, to all women, without distinction of etagrave;, class, culture. Jointed in a new commissioner, Manara finds himself collaborating with his old acquaintance, the inspector Lara Rubino, who welcomed him with a sonoro coffone ... between the two he went; An evident attraction, but also a mysterious episode that complicates their relationships. Crossing, flanking, fighting at times, the two will have to solve so many cases, crimes and misdeeds to be revealed.

  • Director: Davide Marengo
  • Format: DVD, PAL, panoramic screen
  • Manufacturer: Rai Trade
  • Italian language
  • Subtitles: None
  • Region: Region 2
  • Number of disks: 3
  • Duration: 300 minutes
  • Year: 2009

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