The landscapes of the food. Places and products of our land

Food and landscape, products and territory are the themes of which you write about these pages and of which the touring has been dealing with over 100 years, with the awareness that now almost always good food is incentive to the trip but together it must become a stimulus to a New way to do tourism. Knowing the landscapes of wheat, wine and oil, meat and milk, fruit and vegetables, without forgetting the multiple landscapes of the forest and water, therefore allows to reveal the relationship circuit and method sharing Which has been characterizing Italian food culture for centuries. This volume, made exclusively for our members, wants to be an invitation to understand the story behind the geography (and geography behind history) and a "reading guide" that helps to understand the meanings of the spaces where we live, the many ways in which the territory is ordered and how all this translates into terms of food resources, whose extraordinary variety has generated a famous cuisine all over the world.

  • Author: AA VV
  • Edited by: Massimo Montanari
  • Format: Paperback, 17 x 27.8 cm
  • Pages: 304
  • Publisher: Touring
  • Necklace: disclosure and illustrated touring
  • Year: 2017

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