Bruce Springsteen jeans and other American dreams

In this book, a mixture of memoir, reportage and often hilarious and never trivial fiction, some less well-known aspects are narrated and perhaps for this particularly representative of a vast nation like a continent, of infinite coasts, mountains, towns, of people and Rooted in everyone's imagination, even more, perhaps, in those of those who have never been there. Always keeping away from the cliché of the "Italian abroad", the author ranges from the Californian Wilderness to the Palazzo del Porno di San Francisco, from a roundtail on the American religions which includes the ecstatic dances of the Shakers and an order of bearded men transvested by Sisters, at the distinct history of a couple stuck in New Orleans during the Katrina hurricane, a coast-to-coast trip to Greyhound to New Jersey, and to the fortuitous finding a pair of jeans that, perhaps, belonged to Bruce Springsteen ... Silvia Pareschi, who gave the words of our language to the voice of many of the greatest contemporary American writers, this time tells the astonishment and admiration, involvement but also the disconcerted, disarming And the detachment of a girl before, of a woman, then, in front of the land that at least from a century has been set as the greatest generator of myths, madness and dreams of the entire West.

  • Author: Silvia Pareschi
  • Format: Paperback, 14 x 21.5 cm
  • Pages: 192
  • Publisher: Finnings publisher
  • Necklace: Joint writers
  • Year: 2016

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