Gormiti - The era of the supreme eclipse vol. 3

Playback Region 2: This will not play on most dvd players sold in the u.s.

The disc encloses four episodes. Abandoned village: the gentlemen of nature reach Gorm, where an obscury spell caused a terrible Sicitagrave; And Magmion's henchmen invaded a village of the People of the Earth. Our heroes put the gormites of the volcano on the run, but discovered from Franaroccia, a Gormita of the Earth, which the village egrave; Abandoned for centuries. With the help of the luminescent grum, they understand that the invasion of the village was a diversity tactic and put themselves to work to understand what the real goal of the enemy plan ...; Exchange of powers: obscury discovers a spell with which, thanks to a special container, powers; Absorb the powers of the Lords of Nature, which he attracts to Gorm with a trap. Armageddon has the task of stealing powers, but during the formulation of the spell something goes wrong and Lucas acquires the appearance of the Lord of the sea, while Tob that of the Lord of the Forest. Unable to use the respective powers, the two are teleported by Nick, in the Keeper's shoes, to the temple of the Luminescent Supreme ...; Adventure in the abysses: Obscury soldiers take over the control of Oceantica, a floating fortress of the people of the sea where egrave; Known the coral of perception. The coral allows an obscury to monitor all gorm. With Lucas like Keeper, the lords of nature reach the oceantica and face enemies. These Perograds; They manage to capture Jessica and Nick. Tob Meanwhile Egrave; I was trapped in the fortress. With the help of Rospalude, Jessica and Nick they manage to escape and reach the oceantica where they operate an emergency device that allows the fortress to return to the surface. The coral ends up in Armageddon's hands, but our heroes, after having consulted with the luminescent grum, recover the precious object and make sure that in the future obscury and the henchmen of him cannot pugrave; Access the Oceantics ...

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