Gormiti - the era of the supreme eclipse vol. 1

Playback Region 2: This will not play on most dvd players sold in the u.s.

This first volume of the second season contains 4 brand new episodes! New powers: the Luminescent Supreme gives the Lords of Nature New powers who will help them face the incumbent threat. The gormites of the volcano, in fact, are looking for a special insect in the territories of the forest people, a worm that Magmion intends to use to reveal obscurious, trapped in another dimension, and bring it back to Gorm ...; The canvas of the spider: Magmion uses a gormita spider, named Xron, to capture the glamps of the forest and implement the obscurium conquest plan. The lords of nature manage to put the horrible monster to the carpet, but obscribe delivery to Magmion a heart capable of making Xron invincible ...; Tob to the rescue: Obscury orders Magmion and his assistants to plant the "lava seed" in the territories of the sea people, capable of creating a rock monster with which to destroy the capital and subject the population. Tob would like to help his people from the imminent danger but his eye of life egrave; Almost out of stock and despite him egrave; forced to return to the earth ...; The forgotten valley: with Nick in the role of Keeper, Jessica, Tob and Lucas reach the territories of the people of the air to counter Magmion and the henchmen of her. The latter flee through a portal in a mysterious valley. The Lords of Nature, accompanied by Bertz, the councilor of the skies, chase them, but lose the radio contact with Nick. Without knowing it, our friends entered the forgotten valley, a magical place that cancels the memory to those who access you. The luminescent grum, worried, gets in touch with Nick and informs him that he will send it; A luminous radius to guide the lords of nature out of the valley

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