Play with phonetics. With audio CD

This book is aimed at all those teachers of Italian L2 "intimidated" by phonetics that often, while considering great utility for students working on pronunciation, they do not know exactly how and what to propose during the lessons.

Playing with phonetics, placing itself in a perspective of scientific completeness and teaching innovation, offers a playful, dynamic and engaging approach to the subject, in order to make the study pleasant and effective.

The course is also interesting for the self-taught student, since it also includes a section with exercises to be carried out at home or in the linguistic laboratory. Solutions are included.

The text includes a brief theoretical section that provides a global idea of ​​the matter and a working section divided into 6 chapters, each dedicated to a specific topic: ratio pronunciation-spelling, double, comparison sounds, vocals, accent, intonation.

Each argument is developed through a large amount of activities, games, role-play, completion exercises, etc. With instructions on development, photocopiable material and agile theoretical synthesis cards and practical verification at the beginning and end of each chapter.

The teacher may decide to use the book and the audio CD systematically as a real phonetics course, or foresee, within a language course, one or more lessons or lesson parts dedicated to a topic of Phonect operating a selection of activities.

  • Author: Giuliana Gori, Maria Luisa Turolla
  • Format: Paperback, 21 x 29.5 cm
  • Pages: 184
  • Publisher: Alma Edizioni
  • Year: 2005

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