Phrases &Smoke

Three years have passed since "Love is a Woman", Nina has grown up artistically thanks also to the extraordinary experiences experienced: the Panariello show does not exist, the Eurovision Song Contest and a Tour that has seen her shoot all over Italy in two versions, with its repertoire and with great international success together with Fabrizio Bosso.

Her soulful vocality, so clean that she can sing everything, in "Frasi&Fumo" accompanies us in the elegant atmosphere of an album that convinces for the marked songwriting footprint.


1. Intro (Cirronembi)
2. Phrases&smoke
Three. Moon Spent
Four. Salt
Five. '35;RLL (Riprenditi Le Lacrime)
Six. Cadevo Piano.
Seven. She says
8 A Short Vacation
Nine. Free feat scheme. Nephew
Ten. Between the divan and the clouds
11. If it burns The City
Twelve. December
Thirteen. The only king
14. Sleep, sleep

  • Artist: Nina Zilli
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disc
  • Etiquette: Universal Music Italia
  • Year: 2015

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