Strong. Student book and exercises. With Audio CD. 3

Strong! It is an original and innovative course for children from 4 to 11 years approaching the learning of the Italian language in Italy or abroad.

The course includes: small and strong! A and small and strong! B (preparatory volumes), strong! 1 (A1), strong! 2 (A1 +) and strong! 3 (A2).

Strong! 3 reflects the philosophy (humanistic-affective approach and a grammatical reflection always inductive and playful) and the structure of the entire course.

The student's book and exercises offers:

1 introductory unit + 7 units, which have a nice story as a conductive thread and are divided in turn into three underunities introduced by a motivating activity that recalls the history it is a background. They follow understanding and production activities, songs and nursery rhymes.

At the end of each unit is the vocabulary section for the recovery of the words used.

Interval !!!, every two units rich in activities and stimulating and fun games for the summary of knowledge.

The section exerts!, Which is useful for the consolidation and the re-use of the structures.

The corner of the grammar, which has summary grammatical boxes, formulas and examples of use.

The angle of the size and paste, in the appendix, with images and phrases to cut and use during the proposed activities.

1 audio CD, attached to the student's book, containing the tracks of listening and songs;

1 CD-ROM, attached to the student book at no additional cost, containing for each unit the video of a dialogue in 3D animation, with or without subtitles and all the songs in Karaoke version.

  • Author: L. Maddii, M.C. Borgogni
  • Format: Paperback, 21 x 29.5 cm
  • Pages: 160
  • Publisher: Editions Edilingua
  • Year 2012

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