Illustrated Flora of Etna

The illustrated flora of Etna is the most complete disclosure work concerning the plants that live on the volcano. A work for all, scholars and non-hikers, amateur botanists, and simple curious of that diversity of botanical species that enriches the highest volcano of Europe and among the most active in the world. Scientific information on ecology and morphology of over 400 plants are provided, accompanied by images that show the salient aspects of each species, to allow easier recognition in the field. The work reports not only the scientific names of botanical species, but also the Italian, Sicilian and English names, as well as notes on the doctors, food and craft uses that were done, or become still, of the numerous plants that populate the Etna. There is a wide introduction to flora and vegetation that characterize the landscapes of the volcano. Inside, they are included in the detailed color boards concerning the main parts of a plant like the flower, the leaf, the corolla and the fruit. The work also contains a dictionary with all the specialist terms used in the text, representing an important aid to understand the description of any plant clearly and easily. The illustrated flora of Etna is a travel companion that will help you understand the underwear Trinomio man-plant-volcano, and if you, kind reader, you have already visited the Etna or Speri a day to do it, remember that the plants As people have a story to tell. Be always benevolent in listening

  • Author: Giuseppe Bonanno
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 256
  • Publisher: Giuseppe Bonanno
  • Year: 2017

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