A unique musical anthology of its kind.

The CD collects the best of Fiorella Mannoia, new recordings and arrangements of classic pieces of the repertoire of her. The disc is also enriched by the unplooked words, an exciting single with music written by Bungaro and Caesar Nail and the text signed by Mannoia itself.

There are also reinterpretations of great Italian successes and duets with prestigious names of the musical panorama, among which we find Laura Pausini, Ligabue, Franco Battiato, Renato Zero and many others.

Collaborations born from profound relationships Professional and affectional esteem and that, for this reason, give added value to this album.

Disc 1
1.Lost words
3.Hot black coffee
4.How to change
5.What women do not say (feat. Laura Pausini)
6.May nights
7.The Memory Carousel (Feat. Enrico Ruggeri)
8.The Heaven of Ireland (feat. Massimo Bubola)
9.The river and fog (feat. Daniele Silvestri)
10.Love with love you pay
13.Giovanna D'Arco
14.I can say mine on men
15.I'm not afraid

Disc 2
1.A child on the lion (feat. Adriano Celentano)
2.Handsome love (feat. Claudio Baglioni)
3.Boogie (Feat. Frankie Hi-Nrg)
4.The Season of Love (Feat. Franco Battiato)
5.Khorakhanè (Feat. Dori Ghezzi)
6.Fear does not exist (Feat. Tiziano Ferro)
7.Circulate your love (feat. Ligabue)
8.Look for me (feat. Renato Zero)
9.Without you (Feat. Pino Daniele)
10.There is time (Feat. Ivano Fossati)
11.Mimosa (Feat. Niccolò Fabi)
12.I learned to dream (Feat. Pau)
13.Summer (Feat. Giuliano Sangiorgi)
14.Your words hurt (Feat. Cesare Cremonini)
15.The park of the moon

  • Artist: Fiorella Mannoia
  • Format: Audio CD, 2 discs
  • Label: Sony Music Italia
  • Year: 2014

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